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Litty Ligo is a Boston based retail company that raises awareness in the form of peer and culture-relevant based content for those living with vitiligo and supporters of the vitiligo community. We create apparel, accessories and curate awareness raising events to educate and  empower our community. 80% of our profits go into minimizing the cost of our events for consumers.

The Litty Committee is a group of individuals committed to encouraging those living with vitiligo to just that…live. We achieve this by promoting wellness, healthy practices and sharing the stories of people, not just their vitiligo. We provide a nucleus of resources and commodities to support and unite our community. We are affiliated with a number of companies and organizations dedicated to human service and community improvement.

People living with vitiligo are subjected to bullying, avoidance, and uninformed insinuations which can lead to low self-esteem, isolation, depression, self-harm and suicide. We seek to provide support by reinforcing that we are living, not suffering, and are not alone!

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