the Litty Committee

Sidney H.



 "I am a 44 yr old married, father of 3.  I am also  a U.S. Navy Veteran. I have had Vitiligo for 18 years. A love for two things has awakened in me. My Vitiligo community and the written word. My goal is to support and encourage with my writing. My belief is that while our skin may be different, we are much more than our Vitiligo. My overall message is self love and self acceptance."  

Sharon K.



"I'm an advocate of human rights and a lover of beautiful things. My many hats include a mother to my wonderful son, a private chef and a board certified basketball official. I have been living with vitiligo since age 12. Middle school proved a challenge. I came, saw and conquered but it was a challenge nonetheless. Thankfully I had and still have a great support system of family and friends that encourage me to accept myself vitiligo and all. I am a passionate woman radiating black girl magic, hilarity and good energy. I founded Litty Ligo™ to connect with those on their respective journeys and our loved ones who seek to understand."

Archie B.


Purpose Pusher

"I’m a spunky mother of two dynamic daughters, a yogini, a creativity consultant for Archie B. Consultants, and a published author. As a creative, experiencing self-awareness through collaboration and observations, my goal is for all living with vitiligo or just simply enduring life obstacles to share, evolve, and become aware together. During my many phases, I have learned to love and accept my ambiance. I am a lovely mix between a thrift store, sparkled bows, head wraps, green Chuck Taylors, with a splash of boldness!"