a collection of short films and interactive series with a little something for everyone.

The Meet Series


The Meet Series is comprised of episodes starring people from all parts of the vitiligo community. Listen to their stories and learn a little about each person's unique journey.

When Kandi Met Lala


Every other Thursday 5PM PST | 8PM EST | 7PM CST on IG Live

 “When Kandi met Lala” is a testament to the power of friendship and healing. 

Join Litty Committee Advocates Kandice B. and LaTonia T.

for great topics, laughs and love!

Message us with questions for our hosts! 

The speakeasy online


  Using a panel style platform, we initiate conversations about societal norms and stigmas in a world that can be incredibly superficial. Our panels are designed to raise awareness and emphasize the importance of social and mental health.

To connect with you people all around the globe, we're bringing it to you online!