A group of individuals committed to encouraging those living with vitiligo to just that…live. We achieve this by promoting wellness, healthy practices and sharing the stories of people, not just their vitiligo. We provide a nucleus of resources and commodities to support and unite our community. We are affiliated with a number of companies and organizations dedicated to human service and community improvement.

Sharon K.



"I'm an advocate of human rights and a lover of beautiful things. My many hats include a mother to my wonderful son, a private chef and a board certified basketball official. I have been living with vitiligo since age 12. Middle school proved a challenge. I came, saw and conquered but it was a challenge nonetheless. Thankfully I had and still have a great support system of family and friends that encourage me to accept myself vitiligo and all. I am a passionate woman radiating black girl magic, hilarity and good energy. I founded Litty Ligo™ to connect with those on their respective journeys and our loved ones who seek to understand."

Sidney H.


Executive Content Manager

 "I am a 44 yr old married, father of 3.  I am also  a U.S. Navy Veteran. I have had Vitiligo for 18 years. A love for two things has awakened in me. My Vitiligo community and the written word. My goal is to support and encourage with my writing. My belief is that while our skin may be different, we are much more than our Vitiligo. My overall message is self love and self acceptance."  

Archie B.


Executive Advisor

"I’m a spunky mother of two dynamic daughters, a yogini, a creativity consultant for Archie B. Consultants, and a published author. As a creative, experiencing self-awareness through collaboration and observations, my goal is for all living with vitiligo or just simply enduring life obstacles to share, evolve, and become aware together. During my many phases, I have learned to love and accept my ambiance. I am a lovely mix between a thrift store, sparkled bows, head wraps, green Chuck Taylors, with a splash of boldness!"

Demontre G.


Lead Community 

Awareness Advocate Houston

 "I am a model, fashion designer and motivational speaker. I believe in self- love and high confidence. Love yourself or no one will! I’m the father of 1 and I take much pride in being a father and being in my son's life. I’ve had vitiligo since the age of 15. I’ve always been high in confidence and self love that also came with the help of great friends and a great family support system."

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"The line was started to give everyone of every size and race the feeling of urban, high-end apparel."

Aminah M.


Social Media Management Senior Intern

 "I'm 15 and I have 4 siblings. I like to eat, play basketball and catch up on my shows. I want to help spread awareness about vitiligo and help build a strong community." 

Aminah is a 2K gamer as well!

PSN: @aminerr29

Kiet Blakes-Thompson & Keriesha Aiken

Logistics Management Team

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