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The World Vitligo Day Conference

World Vitiligo Day Conference

This year's World Vitiligo Day Conference will be a gathering of love, information and understanding. 

"The conference will focus on the mental and medical journey of Vitiligo, the event will include medical research and treatment updates, mental and emotional health sessions, and a panel discussion promoting open dialogue about the social impact of Vitiligo.  The decision to include mental health as part of the event’s theme reflects growing conversation about the role of mental health in Vitiligo treatment. " - Houston Vitiligo Awareness Movement 

Litty Ligo™ is excited to be apart of this year's conference! Sharon will be participating in "V-Talk After Dark Midnight Motivation" : a 18+ women's only uncensored panel!

We will also have merch for sale!

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Mask Off Vitiligo Awareness Fashion Show

Mask Off 2019

Litty Ligo™ is proud to announce we are teaming up wit the lovely Deairrah Reese and to support her 1st annual Mask Off Fashion Show and Banquet!

"This project means everything to me because I want people, especially in my hometown, to be aware of Vitiligo and be educated about it. That way people with this condition and others might be able to walk into places and not be stared at, laughed at or whispered about due ignorance and misinformation." -Deairrah Reese

Please click the link below to donate and learn more about this wonderful event!

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