We encourage you to LIVE. Vitiligo does not define who you are and shouldn’t dictate how you choose to live your life!  We strive to empower, educate and raise awareness with care and accurate information. It’s your skin and you should own it your way! Our mission is simply to help you be the happiest version of yourself possible and create a culture that celebrates people and all our differences.


Litty Ligo is a Boston based resource network raising awareness in the form of culture-relevant content and events for those living with vitiligo & supporters of the vitiligo community. We create apparel, accessories & curate awareness-raising attractions to educate & empower our community.

Children & adults are subjected to bullying, avoidance, & uninformed insinuations which can lead to low self-esteem, isolation, depression, self-harm & suicide. While being different builds character, it can be a burden nonetheless. We seek to provide support by reinforcing that we are living, not suffering, & are not alone!


A group of individuals committed to encouraging those living with vitiligo to just that…live. We achieve this by promoting wellness, healthy practices and sharing the stories of people, not just their vitiligo. We provide a nucleus of resources and commodities to support and unite our community. We are affiliated with a number of companies and organizations dedicated to human service and community improvement.

Meet the team

Sharon K.


Executive Director

"I'm an advocate of human rights, personal expression and a lover of beautiful things. My many hats include public speaking, basketball officiating and coaching, being a mom, a former private chef and small business owner. I was diagnosed with vitiligo at age 12. I had my struggles but I didn't let them overcome me. I decided to live rather than exist because I knew I was meant for more. I founded Litty Ligo to connect with those on their respective journeys and our loved ones who seek to understand."

Executive management

Sidney H.


Executive Content Manager

 "I am a 44 yr old married, father of 3.  I am also  a U.S. Navy Veteran. I have had Vitiligo for 18 years. A love for two things has awakened in me. My Vitiligo community and the written word. My goal is to support and encourage with my writing. My belief is that while our skin may be different, we are much more than our Vitiligo. My overall message is self love and self acceptance."  

Archie B.


Executive Advisor

"I’m a spunky mother of two dynamic daughters, a yogini, a creativity consultant for Archie B. Consultants, and a published author. As a creative, experiencing self-awareness through collaboration and observations, my goal is for all living with vitiligo or just simply enduring life obstacles to share, evolve, and become aware together. During my many phases, I have learned to love and accept my ambiance. I am a lovely mix between a thrift store, sparkled bows, head wraps, green Chuck Taylors, with a splash of boldness!"

Leadership team

Demontre G.


Lead Community Awareness Advocate 

Houston, TX

 "I am a model, fashion designer and motivational speaker. I believe in self- love and high confidence. Love yourself or no one will! I’m the father of 1 and I take much pride in being a father and being in my son's life. I’ve had vitiligo since the age of 15. I’ve always been high in confidence and self love that also came with the help of great friends and a great family support system."

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"The line was started to give everyone of every size and race the feeling of urban, high-end apparel."

Deairrah R.


Lead Community Awareness Advocate

Lafayette, LA

“I reside in Alexandria, Louisiana. I’ve had vitiligo since I was 9 years old. It was more aggressive in my younger years. I didn’t understand what was happening nor did I understand why and it took a toll on me. I’ve always loved myself no matter what but I found myself hiding. Fortunately, I have a loving family and the best of friends. Their love and encouragement motivated me create the Mask Off Awareness Runway Show. Because of them, my mask is OFF.”

Krystal P.


 Lead Community Awareness Advocate

London, UK

  “I noticed a white patch in my scalp behind my left ear when i was around 18 years old. I was referred me to see a dermatologist and my diagnosis was confirmed. I became very good at covering my vitiligo patches and I would not go out without any makeup on.

When I was pregnant with my daughter at 28 years old, during an appointment with my midwife, I selected no on a form to have an autoimmune disorder and she asked me if I had vitiligo. She explained the connection.

I want kids and adults to to know what vitiligo is when they see it so that they do not make people with vitiligo feel bad. I also want to push the fact that if you have vitiligo you don't have to camouflage or look for treatments but to self love and to build confidence. I want the health care services to think about the fact that maybe someone with vitiligo might have self esteem issues or mental health and to address this also.”

LaTonia T.


Lead Community Awareness Advocate

Jackson, MS

"I’m an outgoing mother with two beautiful kids. I grew up and currently reside in Florence, Ms. I’m a U.S. Air Force veteran. I was diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of 18. It was very challenging to deal with at first but I have grown to love me! By doing so, I have been able to open up, share my story and help spread vitiligo awareness. I have vitiligo. Vitiligo doesn’t have me. In my spare time, I like traveling, reading, and spending time with my family."

Domestic Community Advocates

Lenijah F.

Community Awareness Advocate

Boston, MA

LaKeisha W.

Community Awareness Advocate

Boston, MA

Alexis G.

Community Awareness Advocate

Boston, MA

Kandice Benford

Community Awareness Advocate

 Jackson, MS

Aurelia Hinojosa

Community Awareness Advocate

Denver, CO 

Domestic Community Advocates

 Dede A.

Community Awareness Advocate

Fort Worth, TX

Wilna Octelus

Community Awareness Advocate

Orlando, FL

Kookie Diaz

Community Awareness Advocate

Orlando, FL

Tonya Wilson

Community Awareness Advocate

Nashville, TN

Daryle Sellers

Community Awareness Advocate

Los Angeles, CA

Global Community Advocates

 Isaac F.

Community Awareness Advocate 

London, United Kingdom

Angela S.

Community Awareness Advocate 

London, United Kingdom

Kirpal B.

Community Awareness Advocate 

London, United Kingdom

Trina M.

Community Awareness Advocate

Vancouver, Canada

Kyoyeta I.

Community Awareness Advocate

Uganda, Africa

Sarower Hossain

Community Awareness Advocate

 Bangladesh, South Asia


Keriesha A.


Luisa D.

Event Operations

Aminah M.

Social Media Content

Brandon E. Goldsmith Garcia

Expansion Consultant

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