This is a one of a kind acrylic painting owned by our founder Sharon. "I remember when she posted this for sale on Instagram and all my friends sent it to me. It was the first time I saw myself as art." - Sharon

Redefined My Beauty

Charcoal drawing of model April Star

Rahiem Milton

"[April Star is] a relative to a friend of mine. She suggested I should draw her." This charcoal drawing and many other styles make Rahiem's Instagram a visual feast of creations!

Untitled Self Portrait '19


Jahne Brown

" I first noticed a physical change of my skin at the age of 8. I went to vitiligo treatment centers for a while until eventually I decided to stop going. Having vitiligo gave me more reason to embrace all parts of myself. I think of my skin as this armor that is a constant reminder of how brave and courageous I can be. The beauty that I see in myself and others, and the liberation of being externally unique, greatly impacts who I am as an individual. It is best thing I consistently learn about myself and especially this past year."



 Kate Dunn

"Inspired by a beautiful photo of [Jesi Taylor Cruz] by Sophie Kietzmann for Girl Gaze." Jesi Taylor Cruz is a well known writer, philosopher and advocate for Black maternal health. This picture features baby Io!

Sharon <3

Kat 10 year-old artist

Boston, MA

Kathryn Tinsley

"I think people who have vitiligo are beautiful."

This 11 year-old artist is self taught and hails from Boston, Massachusetts. This is a hand-drawing of our founder Sharon in her unique style.

The Queen


Isak Ferreira

"A little something I did inspired by the many with vitiligo. This is from me to y'all." The beautiful imagery of this digital sketch is resounding as this queen wears her heart on her face as many of us living with vitiligo wear our hearts on our skin.



Junsuina Chizu

"His colors reminded me of this model [Curtis McDaniel] so I was like 'this...this is what I need him to be...perfection'" 

This up and coming self taught artist is creating a "universe of characters" and we are looking forward to the stories!

Vitiligo Beauty


Nicole Troup

"This painting is a part of my new painting series titled ‘Redefining Beauty’ which challenges what society believes ‘real beauty’ is. It gives a voice to those who are not often represented in our culture." Inspired by Winnie Harlow.